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I can't stand the confusion in my mind

How do you do? My name is Andy Hoyle and I adore writing blogs. That’s right, I love them. And I also love the theatre. So what a coincidence that my two favourite pastimes have dovetailed nicely together for me today. I am beside myself with joy. With that being said, I now face a challenge. What to right about?

Should I introduce myself and my chequered history in amateur theatre? Ummm, nah, that seems too vain and boring.

Should I then, perhaps, explore the play itself? Well…I guess somebody else can do that. And I am sure that many of the audience will be familiar with the film anyway. Should I write a blog urging people to join us? Hmmm, I tried that with my last foray with mixed results.

I feel that perhaps my best bet is to try to talk about when and where the play is set; Bolton in the 1960s. Let’s go! For starters, I don’t remember the 1960s. I was born in 1990 you see (James McKean is a child of the 80s though – if you ask him about Thatcher he will gladly rant at you for half an hour!).

I do know a little bit about Bolton though. I went there once. My justification was a house party at my cousin’s student digs (there always has to be a justification for going to Bolton – nobody would go there through choice). I arrived in the early evening with the intention of drinking moderate levels of alcohol before exploring the various drinking establishments in the nearby vicinity. A few short hours later my cousin and I were hurling ourselves down the staircase on a mattress and videoing each other. I staggered to bed as the clock struck 12 and felt rough for 3 days. The smartprice vodka and Fanta fruit twist combination had done for me!

That’s that story done. What next? Ah yes, I turn your attention next to Rodney Bewes. I love Rodney Bewes. ‘Big Rod’ as I like to call him. He plays my character Harold in the film version. “Ooh, is that the guy from The Likely Lads who isn’t James Bolam” I hear you ask? Yes. Yes it is. He is also a cult figure for me as he starred in a Doctor Who adventure called Resurrection of the Daleks which first aired in 1984 (my older brother John has a lot to answer for!). To this very day, if Big Rod comes on my TV I immediately stand erect and exclaim, “I SERVE THE DALKEKS … I AM A DALEK AGENT”. It’s like Pavlov’s dog; scientists would have a field day. This may or may not be true.

Anyway, enjoy the show and if you stick around in the bar afterwards I can tell you more corkers!

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Andy Hoyle, Sep 25, 2016