Saddleworth Players

Secrets and angels

Entertaining Angels opens in the garden of the vicarage with Grace, the widow of the late vicar, Bardy facing up to the reality of having to give up her home of 30 years to a new incumbent, Sarah, and increasingly irritated by her missionary sister, Ruth, who has travelled from Uganda to be with her. Even her daughter, Joe, a psychotherapist, seems at this stage to be more of a hindrance than a help.

As the story unfolds so we, the audience, are drawn into the lives of the five characters, all of whom have secrets, including infidelity, extra marital relations, secret children, terminations, broken marriages and so forth. As each character either confides or blurts out their secret so questions begin to emerge. Is it always for the best to tell the truth? Can keeping a secret in fact save a relationship? Is being deceived for many years worse than the single act of infidelity? If we find out something about a person we loved after they have died is there any possibility of healing? Where does forgiveness fit in? Who helps us move on?

This was a highly skilful production, professionally performed on a wonderful set where the use of lighting and music added to the drama. Everyone involved is to be highly commended. The sustained applause both at the interval and at the end said it all.

Bernard Bickers, Dec 1, 2016