Saddleworth Players

Ice and a slice? Of course

Hello there. I’m Audrey and I’m pleased to announce that ‘Murder at Checkpoint Manor’ marks my stage debut with the Farndale Avenue Estate Town’s Women’s Guild. I have, of course had bags of experience with equally reputable companies (my Gigi is still remarked upon in some circles) and I think I can stake a claim to stardom having listened to each of my children practice their LAMDA grade one test pieces ad infinitum!

It may have taken a while to go from making the tea to treading the boards, with the Farndale TWG, but I have thrown myself wholeheartedly into this lovely production, mastering no less than 4 different characters (let’s hope you can recognise me – little hint, I’m younger than most of the other ladies). I’ve also been on hand to add a little culinary sparkle, providing the recipes for Lady Bishop’s sumptuous dinner parties. Cooking is rather my forte, as anyone who has sunk their teeth into my plum duff could testify! Well, that’s it from me. If you make it through to the end, mine’s a gin and tonic!

Love Audrey

PS: A double, by preference. Ice and a slice.

Audrey, Jan 16, 2018