Saddleworth Players

Director John Rhodes

The Cracket Pot - a director's view

Hello I’m John Rhodes , and I am directing “The Cracked Pot”; my first time at Saddleworth Players but with lots of other directing experience.

You never know when you come to an amateur dramatic group for the first time just what you will be faced with. There are so many variables. So much can go wrong but equally so much can go right. In the case of Saddleworth Players it is the latter.

It helps when the play you are directing is a good one and the company is dedicated. I am sure that most of the audience have no idea of the time and effort that goes into a single production. Weeks of planning, learning, constructing all combine to make, hopefully, a great show.

A production is all about teamwork, those on stage are no more important than those behind it. This cast, as well as being faced with a new director, have had to put up with changes in personnel, changes in rehearsal venues, changes in the set and not least having to keep warm! They have accepted it all and I sincerely hope that their efforts will be rewarded by deserved acclaim.

It was a surprise when I was first asked to direct at Saddleworth Players but the experience, thanks to everyone involved, has been a good one.

John Rhodes, Jan 15, 2016