Saddleworth Players

Creating the illusion

Hello, I’m Edwina Rigby and I’m doing Costumes for “The Cracked Pot” with Saddleworth Players.

There are actors who have to first get the "voice" before the character will come, there are those who have to consider their motivation. I like to have a little of the set around me, before I can imagine myself in another life, but for many it is the costume, or the wig or even the shoes, that eventually help them to assume their new personae.

Occasionally, we put rehearsing actresses in big heavy skirts and crinolines to ensure they walk in the Victorian or Edwardian manner, and gentlemen do not stand up as straight, as when they are forced into a tailcoat, or plus fours and stockings.

The Cracked Pot is set in 1810 Skipton, and has forced me to delve into the far recesses of the dusty costume store, to extricate moth-eaten breeches for the farmers, that have not seen the light of day for many years. Long dresses have been found, in homespun looking fabrics for the girls of Yorkshire, and baggy off-white shirts with huge sleeves for men to wear under their judges garb.

The white neck stocks and mop caps retrieved from the bottom of drawers that house our huge collection of accessories, have all been handmade by wardrobe mistresses over the ages, and are used every time a period costume is required.

Much of the collection at Saddleworth is original, and has been donated by members and theatre goers over the past 70 years, but the rest has been expertly designed and made, by a handful of dressmaking members, for period productions over the years. An Ideal Husband, Importance of being Ernest, Much Ado about Nothing, The Lady from Maxims, Room with a view, Tom Jones, to mention a few.

But for most of our five plays per season, out come the stalwart pieces of costume, that save us a fortune in hire costs, and are worn by generation after generation of actors. Some of them almost threadbare, but authentic in style and fabric.

1810 Skipton will be created on stage at the Millgate Arts Centre from 30th January til 6th February.

"So there I am, getting up full of t'jummocks of spring, singing at t'top of me voice, when I trip and pitch forrad, then clutch at t'air, just like a bloke when he's daddly...."

You will thoroughly enjoy it, if you can understand it that is!

For tickets just go to our booking site.

Edwina Rigby, Jan 22, 2016