Saddleworth Players

Shane, with Sue Radcliffe, in A Passionate Woman

A débutante at Saddleworth Players

Hello I’m Shane Barry.

I'd always known of the reputation that Saddleworth Players had. So, after nine years since my last performance, I thought I would see if they would be interested in taking me on as an actor. Being at the right place at the right time, there was a part due to be cast in Kay Mellor's A Passionate Woman.

First I met up with Edwina (the Chair), who after showing me around the quaint, characterful theatre that is Millgate Arts Centre, told me she will speak to the casting team of John and Julian. I was given two pieces to read from and then, with an impression I must have made, I was given the part of Craze. A Polish, womanizing 'Ghost'.

The rehearsals – three times a week – were fun but stressful. Many people, including myself, don't understand the commitment and time that the rehearsals take up.

So, getting closer to the shows, the doubts and nerves set in. “Would I freeze on stage?” “Would I be believable?” The live shows, eight nights, were more exciting than I thought. Our paying audience, gazing at our amazing set, watching us four principal actors, beautifully lit, trying to do this humorous, heart warming, thought provoking play justice!

Did we succeed? Well, that's a question for the audience.

Shane Barry, Dec 7, 2015