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Duck for cover

Hi, I’m Melvyn, the prompt for Teechers by John Godber.

In the early 1950s I attended Hathershaw Infants/Junior School situated on Ashton Road, Oldham. At the time, the school had an excellent reputation academically/sporting/and behaviour wise and I can remember spending some very happy days there.

However, something that has stuck in my mind over the years is one particular teacher, a Miss Turner, affectionately nicknamed ‘Ratty Turner’ by the pupils. I can visualise her now writing on the blackboard with her back to the class. If there was a slight disturbance from the pupils she would quickly turn around and throw the piece of chalk at the culprit, and believe me she had a good shot. She was also not opposed to throwing the board duster at pupils. The funny thing was that she always knew who the naughty child was. Can you imagine this happening nowadays?

R.I.P. Miss Turner.

Melvyn Bates, Jan 19, 2017