Saddleworth Players

Two firsts for Alex as Judge Adam at Saddleworth Players ...

Hello, I'm Alex Farkas and I think that I would like to say how much I have enjoyed playing at Delph.

The Cracked Pot has seen two firsts for me - my first lead role, and what a challenge that has been!, and my first time at Delph. I have absolutely loved both!

Playing Judge Adam has by far been the biggest part I have ever played and it has been a tremendous challenge learning all the lines. But what a part! It is obvious that the audiences are really enjoying the play and watching Judge Adam squirming as he tries to get of one pickle after another! It is a fantastic feeling to hear the audience react night after night and a tremendous reward for everyone's efforts.

I also love Delph theatre and what a beautiful little theatre it is. Everyone is so friendly and so supportive I certainly hope that I have the opportunity to play there again.

Why have I never been to watch a play there before? I don't know but I will certainly be watching plays in the future – long may it continue! Thanks to everybody involved. Three more to go – I will be glad for a rest but will definitely miss it

Alex Farkas, Feb 5, 2016