Saddleworth Players

View from another first time Saddleworth Player - Jo Hough

Hello, I’m Jo Hough and I have been playing Eve in The Cracked Pot at Millgate Arts centre in Delph … and what an experience it’s been! I can honestly say I’ve loved every second of it.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been testing moments where I felt like this ‘Yorkshire guff’ (as Judge Walter so eloquently put it!) would never stick in my mind! But with such an amazing and supportive cast around me, I got there in the end…all of those tongue twisters, which appear so much in this script, were no longer a worry to me!

After studying Drama at University, graduating almost four years ago now (urgghhh), I have been a terrible thespian and haven’t touched or looked at anything remotely drama related (aside from watching the odd show here and there). The panic of having to face the real world, and to be a real adult, took over and I quickly got sucked into the ever so serious working life!

Saddleworth Players were my saviours! This is the first show I have been in since leaving uni and I’m not exaggerating when I say they have put that little spark back in my life.

Thank you to Saddleworth Players, thank you to John our director and thank you to this amazing cast.

It’s been a reetpleasure, you ‘fedgy, fliggery, flushy faced, frummety’ lot!!

Jo Hough, Feb 6, 2016