Saddleworth Players

Looking forward to some great expectations

Hello. I’m Neil Bamford and I play the character of Mr Jaggers in the forthcoming production of Great Expectations by the Saddleworth Players.

Mr Jaggers is first introduced as the man that tells Pip he can look forward to some "great expectations". He is a lawyer who is known in London for never losing. Jaggers is a hard-working, self-made man, who is direct, true to fact, and a good man in his own way.

Enough of him, what about me!

I’ve been involved in amateur dramatics for around 30 years. I first stepped out on stage at Turner Hall at Birch Hill Hospital Players doing old time musicals. I then got involved with Rochdale Infirmary Players (R.I.P) annual pantomime fundraising event. From there I was asked to take part in a production of The Anniversary at St Ann’s Players, Rochdale, where most of my work has been for the past twenty years. I have also worked on and off stage with Mad Theater Company.

My personal favorite pastime is murder mysteries with DNA Players who do a tremendous amount of charity work.

I have found this whole experience interesting and exciting, and scary. Rehearsals three nights each week, takes some getting used to. Getting to know every one of the company, wardrobe, property, lighting and sound, set builders and so on.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Saddleworth Players for welcoming me in. I feel lucky to be working alongside very talented and experienced players.

Finally, my thanks to Karen Barton (director) for asking me to take part, for her vision and her belief in all the work that has gone into making this production a success.

My hope is that all the hard work pays off! I look forward to seeing you all. Enjoy the show.

Neil Bamford, Nov 13, 2017