Saddleworth Players

Frankly, my dear ...

Hi, I’m Verity Mann and I’m directing Moonlight and Magnolias, our first play of the season, and one of my favourite comedies.

The premise of the play – the re-writing of the screen play of Gone With The Wind is loosely based on fact and the characters all legendary Hollywood greats. Central to the play is David O Selznick, the Producer’s, crazy desire to put Margaret Mitchell’s block busting novel on the big screen. There’s just one snag. The re-write guy, Ben Hecht hasn’t read the novel. Over the course of five days, Selznick and Victor Fleming, recently pulled off directing The Wizard of Oz, act out all the scenes fueled only on a diet of ‘brain food’, bananas and peanuts and becoming increasingly weary and psychotic.

It’s a madcap, high-speed comedy but with a social conscience too which gives it a depth and a darker edge and more for the actors to really get their teeth into.

Four weeks away from opening night we’re in the privileged position of having a fully working set and great props and we’re pretty much books down too so each rehearsal gives us an opportunity to finesse the action and play up the comedy. I’ve been blessed with a truly fabulous cast and crew which makes directing it great fun and an absolute pleasure. I’m not even tired of bananas yet!

Moonlight & Magnolia opens Saturday 30th September-7th October. Full details and tickets available on

Verity Mann, Sep 11, 2017