Saddleworth Players

I do what I am told

My name is Gordon and I am Stage Manager for the forthcoming ‘Farndale Murder Mystery’.

I have been asked to write this ‘bog’ as apparently it helps bookings and is cheap advertising; and to give some background information about myself (although why anybody would want to know about me is beyond comprehension).

I got involved (actually dragged in kicking and screaming) with the ‘Farndale Avenue Womens Guild’ as they thought it would widen my social circle (currently limited to my two Persians ‘Kit’ and ‘Kat’).

Although I do have other hobbies (active member of the local ‘Origami’ group and ‘Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates)’ I know that’s a surprise!

My role as Stage Manager is to do as I am told; understandable as all the other members are female.

Please join us at ‘The Millgate Arts Centre’, Delph; the show is running from Saturday 27th January until Saturday 3rd February, 2018.

I believe it is extremely good and the acting superb! – but what do I know – I have never been to see a play!

Gordon, Jan 17, 2018