Saddleworth Players

Our happy little band of people

We are well into rehearsal time for Entertaining Angels as I write this. I am enjoying the rehearsals very much. The cast consists of only five actors. Two of them I already knew well and I have often enjoyed working with them before. The other two I did not know at all and it has been so nice to get to know the lovely Jill and Kate.

We are a happy little band of people who are all working well together and discovering lots of very touching moments in the script of Entertaining Angels.

I have never been directed by Pat before and was looking forward it as I know her as an actress and have sat in the audience and admired other plays she has directed at Delph. The experience has proved to be entertaining and fun as I expected. It is also interesting and educational as Pat encourages discussion of opinions relating to characterisation and also experimentation in devising the best ways of portraying aspects we are discovering in the text of the play.

I have been in this play before - a different production at a different theatre with almost a different cast. Also I am playing a different part so the whole thing is such an interesting and exciting experience. I am so looking forward to the run of the play starting at the end of November. I think the result will be great. This play entertains whilst putting the audience through a whole host of emotions.

To finish I must tell you that the first time I read this play, which was about four years ago, I both cried and laughed out loud as I read and I loved it.

Sue Radcliffe, Nov 17, 2016