Saddleworth Players

We need a hero! (Preferably a physicist)

Hi all. My name is Jason Sharp and I have been asked to write a short blog for Saddleworth Players having stepped into the role of Salty in their upcoming play Teechers by John Godber. The play was written in 1984 when I was already too old to play a 16-year-old, so as the play says ‘you will have to use your imagination’.

In an attempt to aid your imagination, we have been asked to supply photographs from our school days. The first photograph is from when I started school at Shaw Church which later became known as Newbarn CPS.

The second is from when I was a science teacher at Counthill School.

I have to admit that the years have not been kind to my waist size, memory or chin number as you can see from my 2017 picture below.

My first appearance at Saddleworth Players was as the groom-to-be in Fur Coat and No Knickers by Mike Harding, way back in the early to mid-90s. Since then I have made the odd appearance in various shows at Saddleworth and across the local am-dram circuit.

Teechers has a certain resonance with me, having been both the disillusioned student and the ‘shiny new, straight out of the box teacher’ wanting to change the world. Although the play is 23 years old, the challenges and ethical dilemas faced by our over worked and undervalued teachers is still the same if not more so.

I no longer work as a teacher but one of the main things I miss is the fun, energy and enthusiasm shown by students like Gail, Hobby and Salty.

My only concern about Teechers, which is also shared by Ian Perks, is why does it have to be the drama teacher that’s the hero? Why not a hard-working physicist or mathematician? Not that we are biased or bitter in any way.

Did you notice, Mr Perks, that I put physicist before mathematician as maths is really only a subsection of physics.

I hope you enjoy the show and that my memory remains strong enough to remember all those lines.

Jason Sharp, Jan 7, 2017