Saddleworth Players

Getting into character

My name is John Tanner and I am playing the part of Arthur Harnham in Saddleworth Players forthcoming production of ‘The Day After the Fair’ at the Millgate Arts Centre, Delph. My character is introduced in the script as red faced and solidly built; he is the third in line to hold the chairmanship of Harnham’s Brewery; he is pompous and a bore, so nothing like me of course!

To get into character I am growing a beard, which at this rate, by the time the play opens I will look like Father Christmas! The last time I grew a beard was in December 1994 for ‘Lion in Winter’ opposite June Holmes playing ‘Eleanor’ – now reunited for this play as Brother and Sister.

Verity Mann is playing my long-suffering wife Edith (didn’t she suffer enough in ‘Filumena’!) but at least she doesn’t have to kiss me! We have great cast including Lulu, Rosemary and James and we are in the safe hands of Karen Barton and all her team.

As a side note my own Great, Great Grandfather (also called John Tanner) came to Friezland, Saddleworth, in 1820 to work as the Manager at the Royal George Mills – but he originally hailed from Ringwood, Hampshire, a town still famous for its’ Brewery and many Mangers went on to jobs in the emerging textile factories of the North.

John Tanner, May 9, 2017