Saddleworth Players

Lighting up Paris

Hi, I'm David Plowright, and I've been delighted to have the fascinating role of designing the lighting, sound and projection for 'April in Paris'. Together with the set designer, we've been creating the visual and auditory surroundings for our actors' voyage of discovery from Yorkshire to Paris and back.

The vision of the original director, Melvyn Bates, who sadly had to drop out of the production, was to use a small number of images in the background of the scenes in Paris. We already have a projector in the auditorium ceiling, used with a screen for lectures, parties, etc., but its images would shine on the actors and cast shadows on the backdrop. So, back projection was the answer, and hiring the equipment was the obvious but expensive means. However, after much careful research, Millgate Arts Centre is now the owner of its own large back-projection screen and a second hand projector.

Has the effort been worth it? Come and see for yourself - and while you wait for the curtains to open, listen to a selection of French singers, from Aznavour to Zaz! Book your tickets here.

David Plowright, Apr 11, 2018