Saddleworth Players

When the magic really starts to happen!

Hello, I’m Verity Mann and I’m taking the part of Edith in The Day After The Fair. As I write we are in our third week of rehearsing, with less than four to go before curtain up. The scenes have been blocked and now it’s a case of learning the lines, fitting the costumes and finessing the action. Edith is a lovely character to play. She’s a refined, charitable vicar’s daughter living a stifling existence in a sterile marriage and in need of an outlet for her very-much buttoned-up passions. If only she didn’t talk so much! Line learning is really not my favourite thing!

When we stage a play, we all strive to put on a perfect performance, and repeat it night after night. Being word perfect and in the right place at the right time makes it possible; what makes it a joy is the team work and companionship that builds as the show progresses. In this production it’s fun to be back in a dysfunctional marriage with John Tanner, after our loud, gesticulating performance in Filomena two years ago. Last year I lodged in the same seaside hotel with Rosemary (Anna) and James (Charles Bradford) in Terrence Rattigan’s Separate Tables, and Lulu (Sarah) is my daughter in real life and has played one with me in The Herbal Bed by Peter Whelan. I haven’t worked with June (Letty) or Karen our director before, but we’ll all feel like family before the last curtain falls. In a few rehearsals’ time, we’ll start seeing more of the extended family – the props team, the prompt, the stage manager, the sound and lighting crew and everyone else who contributes to the success. And that’s when the magic really starts to happen!

Verity Mann, Apr 29, 2017