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Jun 1–8, 2019

A matchmaker made in heaven

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Beech playing Grace in Entertaining Angels.

I have been a member of Saddleworth Players since I was 17 so you could say I'm a veteran. I joined the Junior Players when it was at the old theatre across the road. I was 3rd witch in a production of Macbeth complete with black bubblegum on a front tooth. (Bubble gum features in this play too so a bit of a theme going on there).

Some years and three children later I re-joined for the last season at the Mechanics. I made a dramatic entrance ... I was helping to paint the set for The Matchmaker - a glorious pinky red vision designed by Derek Clegg. Unfortunately I moved the ladders with the gallon can of white emulsion still on the top. It landed with a horrid thud, spreading paint a surprisingly long way.

Happily they allowed me to stay and I've enjoyed playing many parts since at the Millgate and other theatres in the area.

Growing up I had two older brothers who were less than kind to me. I always wanted a sister but as I prepare to play one of two sisters I'm not sure it would have been as good as I imagined. What rivalry! What hidden resentments! What dreadful secrets! I'll stick with the brothers, itching powder in the pyjamas not-withstanding.

What a fantastic hobby! What larks!

Elizabeth Beech, Nov 28, 2016