Saddleworth Players

The morning after the night before

This hobby of mine is hard work but I wouldn't be without it.

Sunday morning... the one after the final performance of a production you've just been involved in. I'm specifically referring to 09:00 am 7th February 2016, the one after the final performance of Saddleworth Players production of 'The Cracked Pot'. I'm exhausted!

Hello I'm Tracey Rontree and being battle axe, Martha Rudd,has taken its toll. This hobby of mine is hard work on top of a full time job but I wouldn't be without it. I absolutely love it, it's what makes me 'tick'. I know some people out there will be thinking 'How sad is that?', being driven by amateur theatre. However, if you're one of those that came to see the production you might think differently.

I remember reading the script for the first time back in July and the vivid memory of 'Oh My God! How on earth am I going to remember all those words!', especially as I'm a stickler for saying exactly what is written. After the initial shock I knuckled down and rose to the challenge as did every other cast member. That's the 'tick', the challenge to bring a character on paper to life, to become someone else and make them believable. Sometimes I achieve that and sometimes I don't but not due to lack of effort I assure you. After all you, the audience, have parted with your hard earned cash and spent your precious spare time to be entertained by a quality production irrelevant of it being amateur or professional.

Before heading off to the theatre for the final performance I met with friends, who had travelled from Middlesbrough, at a nearby restaurant. I'm sure I can be forgiven for feeling the pressure for them to enjoy the play considering the distance they had travelled. On overhearing our conversation, the waitress asked, 'Are you going to the theatre?' To which my friends confirmed they were. The waitress goes on to say, 'All our customers have said...' I swear I gasped and stopped breathing. 'it's really good'. Phew, panic over and the realisation that I was involve in a theatrical piece that was worthy of an audience.

So far this all sounds very serious and too much like hard work but believe me there have been numerous belly laughs during the eight weeks' rehearsal period and, of course, show week. We couldn't fail to have fun with such a naughty script and a set of people with a great sense of humour.

It's no secret in the 'am dram' world that being part of a production quite often, although not always, results in the cast and crew forming a temporary little family which you inevitably miss when it's all over.

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed being part of 'The Cracked Pot' family and only hope that our paths cross in the future and we get to work together again. Until that day I shall have a couple of days off, catch up on some sleep, then pick up my next script and kick start that 'tick'.

Tracey Rontree, Feb 8, 2016