Saddleworth Players

The mother of all hobbies

Hello, I am Stephen Hendren and I'm playing Detective Mather in Saddleworth Players' production of The Handyman, from 2-9th April.

My involvement in amateur theatre began at the grand old age of nine, when my mother, desperate to cure me of chronic shyness, packed me off to the “Happy Kids Theatre Group.”

My first appearance on stage was as the white rabbit in a musical adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. I remember the costume vividly, it consisted of tight white jeans (this being the early eighties) a white shirt and a white bonnet with textured parchment ears made for me by my mum.

Upon reaching greater maturity, as a teenager, I quickly realised that being in amateur theatre was a good way to meet girls. That being the case I stuck with it as a hobby and along the way I have enjoyed being in thrillers, dramas, pantomimes and comedies in such a wide variety of roles that I struggle to recall them all.

It turned out that I was right about meeting girls too, as the present Mrs. Hendren and I met during a Saddleworth Players production of Funny Money.

I have also had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great people and made some very dear friends and for that, I owe my mother a debt of thanks, I may not have entirely lost my shyness but I have gained oh so much more.

Cheers Mum!

Stephen Hendren, Mar 22, 2016