Saddleworth Players

New kid on the block

Hi everbody, I’m Siobhan Ebden and in Out of Sight, Out of Murder, I play Minna the American neighbour come housekeeper. I’ve been a member of SaddleworthPlayers for a couple of years now and you might have seen (met) me doing the coffee’s or on the bar. I have been backstage on a few productions, making the beds four times a night on The Graduate, knocking on the door and making the scenery collapse in the Farndale production and then making my stage debut in Sisters, Sisters, as a member of the S.L.U.T.S (Saddleworth Ladies and Uppermill Theatrical Society) the alter ego of our wonderful company!

So playing Minna is my first proper acting performance since I played the Ghost of Christmas Past in A Christmas Carol at St Anne’s juniors! More than a short while ago.

I’ve had great time with the rest of the cast during rehearsals and what a lovely group of experienced actors I’ve got to work with, more than helpful with that nebulous thing ‘ stage craft’ and I’ve certainly benefited from the tips about learning lines, costumes and make up. Minna is described as a ‘hefty strong lady, used to working on the farm’ not quite the description our writer gives to his agent!

Minna is loud, jolly and knows all the little secrets of the house, she’s very, very helpful though a little (a lot) insensitive.

Many thanks to Verity for her patient direction and for giving this Newbie the chance to perform. I hope you enjoy the show, and maybe you’ll think of joining us too in the future?

Siobhan Ebdem, Oct 5, 2018