Saddleworth Players

I’m Nobbut an owd Moorender from t’Dales

Asked to write a blog, I’m sure Tommy Dixon would reply, ‘I’m nobbut an owd moorender from t’Dales and I don’t rightly know what a blog is.’ But then Tommy was only a character in a play and he supposedly lived around 1810.

I’m Ian Crickett, who played Tommy in ‘The Cracked Pot’ at Saddleworth players and it’s 2016. However it’s the first time I’ve been asked to write a blog, I’m one of the bus pass actors referred to by Andy in his blog on the 6th, and I’m afraid I’m not much farther on with technology than Tommy. So I’ve only just got round to it. I can say though that I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the cast that presented this ridiculously amusing play with all its wonderfully atmospheric Yorkshire vocabulary – and it’s not easy for a Lancastrian to admit that.

I’m getting used to being Andy’s stage father as it’s the second time we’ve done it, and I’ve been on stage with fellow bus pass holders Frank and Liz before. Everybody else, including director John, was new to me, but it made not the slightest bit of difference and we soon united into a reet good team, with all of us being a bit awestruck by the way Alex, on his Saddleworth debut, mastered such a lengthy part. A good time was had by all, and apparently by our excellent audiences, who kept us going all week

To say I only came to play the piano in ‘A Chorus of Disapproval’ sometime at the end of the last century, I suppose I’ve had a good run. There are those who suggest I only do Northern father figures, but I have pointed out that on my last outing I actually played an Italian solicitor. Whatever the part, I do hope there’ll be more to come. I must sign off now though, as I have to get on with greaving my peat and cropping my lings.

Ian Crickett, Mar 5, 2016