Saddleworth Players

I went off in a balloon a long time ago

Hello, I’m Sue Radcliffe and I played Betty in the recent “A Passionate Woman” by Saddleworth Players.

My daughter and grand children live in New Zealand.  I returned from my latest trip out there on 23rd September.  On the 24th September I was at the first rehearsal for A Passionate Woman. I'm glad to say that I didn't start to fall asleep by 9 o'clock at the rehearsals that followed.  Those rehearsals were hard work and tiring but they were also a joy and full of a sense of achievement.  This is due to working as part of a team with lovely talented people who have the same aim in mind.

Melvyn (Bates) is a director I know well and have worked with on several occasions.  Every one of those productions has been a success. I know Jon (Comyn-Platt) and Dominic (Peberdy) well too and have always enjoyed acting with them in various plays at various theatres.  Jon has been my husband before and Dominic has been my son before (not that I'm really old enough to be his mother though!). Shane (Barry) is someone new to me - or at least he was.  I feel I know him very well now! He was a delight to act with and such a gentleman not to mention very handsome! Lucky me: I was surrounded by a group of lovely men for several hours three times a week.

We did our early rehearsals on a flat floor trying to imagine how the moves would work on a roof - not easy. However our wonderful set builder Keith worked very fast to produce a roof for us in a very short space of time and although life on set did not become physically easier it became clearer.

There was a lot to consider when playing the part of Betty and the process was made somewhat easier as I was already familiar with the play, having played the part of Betty once before about ten years ago and having seen it performed twice.  The other great help in getting to grips with this woman and what she is going through is Kay Mellor's wonderful talent for writing a script that is easy to relate to as it is full of very touching and even dark moments balanced with so much humour all wrapped up in such natural dialogue.

I found that I could very easily empathize with Betty.  I went off in my balloon a long time ago.

Sue Radcliffe, Dec 10, 2015