Saddleworth Players

Our family - whatever that is …

Hello I’m Edwina Rigby and I’m playing Mother in Spring & Port Wine.

I was asked to present a picture of my family, but which one? We all belong to lots of families, and this is exactly the point Andrew Mann is making. He is encouraging us to focus on the relationship we have with each other when we come together to produce a play, and also to engage with our extended family, our am dram community.

The play too, is about a family, and I for one, am amused by the similarities that exist between this family and my own childhood family, back in the 60s. I experienced the conflict between the authoritarian parenting style of a stern father, and the emerging youth culture of that time. My Dad too, was outraged by pop music, mini skirts, and trashy newspapers, which made them all the more enjoyable for us children.

My Dad, an amateur actor himself, introduced me to the world of theatre at a very young age, understanding and encouraging me over the years. My Dad is sadly now gone, but the great things about families, is that they continue to grow, in many, many directions. We should be glad of them, whatever their shape or size.

Edwina Rigby, Sep 21, 2016