Saddleworth Players

Introducing our latest innovation …

Hello. I’m Keith Begley, set designer for We are Three Sisters. I’d like to introduce our latest innovation: the back projection screen! No prizes for guessing that, after its successful introduction for our production of April in Paris, directors are already thinking of how they too can make use of it.

Our next production is about the Brontë sisters and though they lived relatively constrained lives in the Parsonage at Haworth, their minds were free to roam the wild moors that loomed large in their imaginations. It is quite a challenge to present their small parlour on stage, with as many as ten characters jostling for space. Putting their lives in context means putting the Moors in there as well! Now that is a challenge, but ‘can do’ technology has enabled us to try. Come and see if we have succeeded.

'We are Three Sisters' will be performed by the Saddleworth Players at the Millgate Arts Centre, Delph, from 2 – 9 June. Tickets £9 (£5 students) from our Ticketsource website.

Keith Begley, May 20, 2018