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Jun 1–8, 2019

Overcoming the challenge

Hello My name is Cameron Kennedy.

I am a 17 year old college student from Droylsden, studying Graphic Design, Media studies and film studies at Ashton Sixth form. I am also an acting student at the Manchester School of Acting.

This is my first play with Saddleworth players. I have previously preformed with several other theatre companys such as Guide Bridge theatre, Hyde Little theatre and Partington Theatre.

'Spring and Port Wine' is the first full length play I have done so the part of Wilfred came as a challenge at first glance, but once the rehearsing started I realise the experience was incredible.

Having acted for 11 years I have worked with many different casts in several different shows and pantomimes, but I can openly say that the cast of 'Spring and Port Wine' is the best cast I've ever worked with, All of them have taken me in and I feel I've made some great friends.

This being my first show at Saddleworth, I am really looking forward to a great show week and this will not be my last involvement at the theatre.

Come & see Cameron and the cast in Port & Spring Wine 1-8 October. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS.

Cameron Kennedy, Sep 29, 2016