Saddleworth Players

Director Melvyn Bates

A passionate play

Hello. I’m Melvyn Bates and I directed Saddleworth Players production of “A Passionate Woman”.

The most satisfying aspect of my production was the strong support I received from everyone at Saddleworth Players. I have previously worked with three of the four cast members so I was familiar with their capabilities. On meeting Shane, who was cast as Craze, it was apparent that he was totally committed and the Polish accent would not be a problem to him. It did help that he had a Polish girlfriend.

The play made huge demands on the set builder(s) lighting and sound departments. The props and wardrobe team rose to the challenge and strong support was given by the stage management team. Anne and Ken offered assistance in various roles.

Thank you Saddleworth Players, the pleasure was mine.

Melvyn Bates, Dec 13, 2015