Saddleworth Players

My ageing recollection things thespian are usually joyful

Hello I’m Ian Perks, playing Roman Kozachenko (Romka) in The Handyman from 2-9th April.

I was introduced to amateur theatre by my much loved Dad in 1958. (I always did what he told me.)

In 1970 I joined Saddleworth Players when performances were in the Mechanics Institute which is now the car park. I helped in a small way to convert the Co-op building into the current theatre (others did much more and we owe them a great deal.) One of my jobs was to apply an "emergency" coat of emulsion to the dressing room walls just before the first show. The paint still adheres to one wall 43 years on!

As a young man I was a keen participant in team sports and discovered that a theatrical production is very similar.

Each show is a team effort and when all the elements gel – set, director, cast, techies, back stage, front of house, bar, audience – then show week is a wonderful, fulfilling experience.

It seems unfair to select highlights from 46 years of involvement but I have special memories of "A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg", "Educating Rita", "Breaking The Code", "Prisoner Of Second Avenue", "Hobson's Choice", "The Tempest", "Much Ado" and "Taking Sides". For a host of hilarious anecdotes I also revere "The Prisoner Of Zenda".

This current show feels good. I am amongst a group of friends whom I have known for decades. I feel affection and respect for all of them. I hope we can make something special.

Roman says, "I am old man, memory comes and goes." I love theatre, and in my ageing recollection things thespian are usually joyful.

Ian Perks, Mar 16, 2016