Saddleworth Players

Getting ready for the world

Hi,I’m Colin Green and am the director for the forthcoming production of John Godber’s ‘Teechers’ for Saddleworth Players.

I have been involved in amateur theatre since 1983 in the Oldham area, initially in musicals and then plays at various theatres across the North Manchester area.

I have a particular fondness for John Godber’s plays as they are written to be extremely accessible to non-theatre going audiences and are certainly not-elitist. Despite this they work on a variety of levels, make you think about the life of the characters involved and take you on a journey with them.

I have recently directed, for a second time, John Godber’s ‘Up n Under’ at The Curtain Theatre, Rochdale and loved the audience engagement with the characters. I am pleased to be working with Jason Sharp, who played Arthur in ‘Up n Under’ and who is now playing a character 50 years younger in Teechers as Salty!

I am also looking forward to working with Liz Travis and Helen Dawson as Hobby and Gail in this production and have been impressed with their ability to learn vast amounts of text.

The challenge of this play is to create 20 characters with 3 actors whilst making the characters believeable as people in their own right with specific priorities and struggles. Although Teechers is about the 80’s educational system, I feel that this production explores the relationships between 3 teenagers as they are preparing (or not) for the ‘outside world’ and also the dilemmas of the staff regarding staying in schools with the tougher pupils or exploring the greener side with the more talented pupils.

I hope that you all enjoy Teechers and that it prompts you to think of your ‘Teechers’. Perhaps you will meet some of them again in this play!

Colin Green, Jan 17, 2017