Saddleworth Players

Fighting with a recalcitrant wig

'Great Expectations’. At last, my opportunity for an acting role; to appear on stage; to experience the smell of the grease paint; the roar of the crowd. Well, to date it's been weeks of learning lines, fighting with a recalcitrant wig and constructing and unwilling dress. Oh, not to forget the creation of a pair of shoes suitable for a jilted lady of advanced years, to wear for her dramatic demise. Not a spoiler, surely, since we all know Dickens' story. Well we certainly shall after seeing the play.

This play reflects the raw emotions of life, the contrast between poverty and wealth, the agonies of unrequited love, the expectations that we have of life which may or may not bring fulfilment, happiness.

Our director has vision. The cast is great, full of attractive men, and talented women. The women are also attractive.

At the moment I am full of tension, occupied by breathing exercises and attempting to focus but at the same time excited about the prospect of a great show. It'll be good.

Patricia Redshaw, Nov 30, 2017