Saddleworth Players

A rollercoaster of historical proportions

So you think your life is a rollercoaster? We ain’t got nuffin on the character I play in Playhouse Creatures, Elizabeth Farley. At the start of the play her father, a preacher, has just died, and as an upright young woman she is trying to carry on his work, even though she’s been left destitute. Towards the end of the play she looks for a gutter to lie in, having earned nothing begging and attempting to sell herself all afternoon, and we don’t see her again. In between she becomes an actress, a leading lady, the King’s mistress, and a mother. She soars on stage and plumbs the depths of life experience ... and it’s a real challenge to pull it off convincingly.

This is my debut with Saddleworth Players, having moved the great distance from Rochdale last year, and it’s a cracking play for the five of us to get our teeth into. I love the way April de Angelis writes, particularly her historical plays about the theatre, and the female characters she creates. These women are used and abused, have become hardened in many ways, and yet display moments of care and compassion which override their need for self preservation. Come ready to ride a rollercoaster of historical proportions, with quite a bit of laughter and a few surprises thrown in.

Angela Bryan plays Elizabeth Farley in Saddleworth Players forthcoming production of ‘Playhouse Creatures’ at the Millgate Arts Centre from 2–9 February. Tickets from our booking site.

Angela Bryan, Jan 13, 2019