Saddleworth Players

Back to my school daze

Hi I’m Liz and I am playing Hobby in the forthcoming production of Teeachers at Saddleworth Players.

As a cast and crew we have been asked to write a blog about our school days. This was met with groans from a number of us along with the phrase ‘I hated school!’ Not me, I loved high school. I went to the local comprehensive which I treated as my local youth club not being particularly concerned about the standard of education I received but how much gossip time there was with my friends.

High school was also where I began my journey into the Amateur theatre world. My parents thought that as I was enjoying my Wednesday after school drama club so much they would enrol me into the local Amateur and operatic theatre company who performed 3 plays each year, all musicals and all members were involved in every production. Little did my parents know, at the time, that joining this company was my first adventure into the world of theatre as I was not actually an active member of the Wednesday after school drama club! I was, however, a regular attendee at the Wednesday after school detention for not completing my homework club! However, everything worked out well, until my parents read this, and I have been acting ever since loving each and every production it has been my fortune to work on.

Teechers takes place from January 28th and promises to be a fantastic play with lots of laughs. Come along and join us in relieving your school days! Book your tickets here.

Liz Travis, Jan 9, 2017