Saddleworth Players

June Holmes

A play with special resonance

Hi, I'm June Holmes. I've been a member of Saddleworth Players for nearly 50 years, during which time I've done stage management, prompt, costumes and acted in more plays than I can remember - farces, tragedies, comedies, pantomimes and even a couple of musicals!

The Handyman, however, is a play with a special resonance for me.

At the age of 8, I moved house and went to a new school. There I became friends with several Jewish children, and, in fact, we also had Jewish neighbours. When, a couple of years later, the book 'Lest We Forget' was published, detailing some of the horrors of the Holocaust, I could not get over the fact that, had we lost the war, this is what would have happened to my friends.

So, from a very early age I have been conscious of anti-semitism, and have always abhorred all forms of racism.

This seems to me especially relevant in the current climate, when Muslims as a whole are in danger of being judged by the dreadful acts of a few fanatics. I wholly endorse the views stated by Mrs. Stone in the play - that to forget the past is to risk repetition.

I hope you all enjoy The Handyman. It is engrossing and thought-provoking.

The Handyman runs 2-9th April at Millgate Arts Centre in Delph. The Handyman explores questions of culpability, retribution. universal responsibility and the possibility of evil.

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June Holmes, Mar 28, 2016