Saddleworth Players

Getting there in the end – the finished set

It's a pretty straightforward set …

"It's a relatively straightforward set" they said (is there such a thing?). Then they ask for the fiddly bits and all of a sudden it becomes another set of problems to solve.

Set building is a very satisfying experience, not especially arduous and with enough people not especially time-consuming. And when you are working with people like Jan and Verity it is especially rewarding, as our joint contribution helps present the illusion called "theatre".

It really is amazing what you can do with a bit of paint, lots of sticky tape and a few polystyrene cups. Then Hey Presto you've got a Regency drawing room as in "Theft", our first play for this Season. Now we are building a house for "A Passionate Woman", but all the action is in or on the roof so no need for foundations.

Actually there's more to this one than meets the eye, literally, because a simple loft with a bit of roof is rather plain, despite the chimney. Behind the scenes it's a very different scenario and credit goes to Jan for his attention to detail (construction) ensured the Set was safe and sound.

Credit too for David whose lighting requirements were challenged by the peculiar demands of this peculiar play. Working hand-in-hand with the rest of us he helped meet our challenges and dismiss potential problems with imagination and enthusiasm. Talking of which, thank goodness for Verity, once more she undertakes a straightforward painting job and turns it into a work of Art.

Our next play "The Cracked Pot" should be relatively straightforward, but that's where I came in, so I'd best say no more.

Keith Begley, Dec 7, 2015