Saddleworth Players

Style and insanity

Here we go, another season, another play and what a humdinger this one is to start off with!

This extraordinary interlude in the big story of Hollywood is one of those "lift the corner and see what's underneath" tales. I suspect it started off as an anecdote told at dinner parties (no doubt embellished at each telling), the core of the story is historical fact and the rest is more than likely an expose on the Producer David O. Selznick.

Verity, our director and set designer, struck oil when she sought inspiration for a 1930s set. Homing in on art deco she discovered a splendidly dramatic scheme that lent itself beautifully to our stage. With just a few adjustments it became an extension of Selznick's personality.

Ron Hutchinson, the playwright, has presented him as a desperate and determined individual of legendary 'Hollywood Mogul' style. The play dashes frenetically, almost manic, as the desperation develops, leaving the audience almost breathless.

All this is enhanced by a set evocative of black and white movies, Fred Astaire style and Groucho Marx insanity.

Moonlight and Magnolias opens Saturday 30th September and runs till 7th October. Full details and tickets available on

Keith Begley, Sep 10, 2017