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Jun 1–8, 2019

So you can act, can you?

Hello, I’m John Tanner.

“So you can act, can you?” were the words that first welcomed me to Saddleworth Players when I handed in my membership form in 1973! Words that still haunt me 60+ plays later over the next 43 years.

I had a small role in the opening play ‘Italian Straw Hat’ a French Farce; playing butler to John Kenworthy who taught me everything I needed to know about learning lines adlib style and how to slip in a few unrehearsed moves.

A year later, I was being directed by the youthful Ian Perks in ‘The Daughter in Law’ alongside my wonderful stage Mum, Millicent Mallalieu. (The first and last role I ever played with a Northern accent! I just couldn’t drop my H’s!)

42 years later and here I am playing my first role as a copper (Detective Inspector) interrogating Ian Perks in ‘The Handyman’ – what joy! “So you can act, can you?” we’ll soon find out when ‘The Handyman’ opens on Sat. 2nd April, 2016

John Tanner, Mar 14, 2016