Saddleworth Players

Just wait until art can imitate life

As I watched the other night sipping my Sanatogen and brandy in a torpor of disbelief, I realised in a numb kind of way this was a disaster unfolding, on a Cecil B DeMille scale (cinematic ref here I realise, but you probably get my drift). “Teflon” Trump (I lay claim to this as I’ve just made it up) has won the Presidential election by a convincing margin. This, ladies and gentlemen, people, is still a drama unfolding.

The point is that someone will write this down one day and actors will re-enact elements probably featuring some of the main protagonists of the piece that we have just witnessed. The writer will doubtless put a skew on it and spice up the detail whilst ramping up the tension. The actors will draw on their own life-experiences (good and bad) to play the parts and if the writing is potent and good, the public will acclaim it. Dramaturges will put this work into political, sociological and geographical context to help this great work to be performed in years to come. Actors will benefit from this in playing their parts with conviction, given their understanding of the text and its context as described. Stage managers, set builders and costume people will bring the whole brilliant thing to life.

Is there a message here? Yes. Amateur theatre and its multiple aspects, reflections and disciplines, is a rich source of community togetherness, mental stimulation, ardour, teamwork and satisfaction (not to mention adulation … at times). I say come and help us put events and drama to the test and lend your enthusiasm to this vital community jewel … and if you’re lucky you’ll get a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Andrew Wilson, Nov 15, 2016