Saddleworth Players

Ten days and counting

Ten days to go and director, the inimitable Colin Green, phones me up and asks me if I’d be interested in a part at Saddleworth. I’m always interested – it’s a great place to work - but this one’s in 10 days’ time and I haven’t seen the script yet. (9 days and counting…)

To be fair, I have seen Teechers before so I know what’s involved: Lots (to pre-empt the obvious question). Shaw’s Playhouse 2 did a masterful production and I’m reminded that Kevin Whalen played this part ten years ago. And he was utterly brilliant. And I was floored by him. And he had more than 9 days in which to rehearse. And I haven’t seen a script yet. And Kevin Whalen did it.

So at first, I was all “Bring it on!” and now I’m like, “Where’s my script?” On the upside, I have Liz Travis and Helen Dawson on either side of me to prop me up when my knees buckle. I’ve just finished a play at Shaw with them and they were fabulous: easy to work with, very professional and fun to be around (plus gorgeous but I have to say this or they could make the next 9 days tricky). But there’ll be no time for jokes cos I haven’t seen a script yet and Kevin Whalen was in this.

I suppose I’d better just get on with it rather than belly-aching. If I could stop writing this blog and learn my lines I’d be OK, but I haven’t actually been given a script so I’m considering this therapy. I’m trying my best to think of as many different actor friends that I can but Kevin Whalen keeps appearing in my head with his “That’ll teach you,” smirk and his impish eyes. I hate him.

Tonight (Thursday), I get started. But Liz has only gone and decided to be busy; it’s just Helen and I. So on Friday I can get started again. Hopefully I’ll have a script by then and Kevin Whalen won’t be flicking me the Vs from the back of the classroom. I love him.

John Hoyle, Jan 19, 2017