Saddleworth Players

Happy sleuthing!

Hello I’m Thelma. As a founder member of FAHETGDS - and I do take exception to the acronym Fatheads!- I am always excited by our annual production and this year, we have excelled, as I'm sure you'll all agree.

Playing the leading role is a challenge, as always, but one to which I am delighted to rise, based on my extensive experience. I trained at the Trixie Tappy Toes School of Dance and Drama, so am really semi-professional. My past roles have always stretched me, most especially my portrayal of Macbeth, to great acclaim, last year, and I am hoping to next year to give a seminal performance as Hamlet.

In the meantime, I know you will be 'knocked out' by our Murder Mystery, and look forward to receiving your acclaimation and congratulations in the bar after the show. Happy sleuthing.

Thelma, Jan 18, 2018