Saddleworth Players

The view from the props cupboard

Hi, I’m Emma Hulmes. I am responsible for props in the production of ‘Teechers’. Although I took part in many shows and pantomines as a member of Oldham Theatre workshop as a child, this is my first show with Saddleworth Players, and I am relieved to say I’m not on stage.

‘Teechers’ is a fantastic play and had me in fits of giggles even from the initial script read through with the great cast in December with many characters causing flashbacks to my secondary school days … from the very enthusiastic drama teacher, who confirmed that my Dad was accurate in his description of me being a ‘dramatic child’, to the ‘couldn’t settle a class to take the register, let alone teach, teacher’ and not forgetting the ‘I love sport, you love sport, we all love sport’, PE teachers.

I actually really enjoyed secondary school; well most of it. Maybe not the stress that is school politics: how your tie should be done to how far socks should be bunched down.

At the risk of sounding like my Mum: "If I could go back and do it all again I would do things differently" but, as I can’t, I will continue my passion working in primary education supporting the future Hobby, Salty and Gails of the world.

Emma Hulmes, Jan 25, 2017