Saddleworth Players

Work to be done in the summer

Close to the end of a very successful season, our thoughts turn to using the summer period (our "dark" time) for DIY and building improvements.

We have tried, over the years, to do something in the way of building renovation every summer, and this year we hope to have builders swarming all over the building from mid June to September, and be ready to open the theatre doors in time for our Lancashire comedy, Spring and Port Wine, opening Oct 1st.

We hope to gather together plenty of help from the membership to empty the dressing rooms, green room and corridors in June, ready for a complete restoration of the lower floor. We will let you know when work days are planned and will provide breakfasts, brunches and afternoon snacks for the workers.

With the proceeds of a legacy from a well wisher and money put by, we hope to banish the dressing room damp with a treatment and inner skin, we will improve the cold floor with a raised flooring, and the scruffy ceilings will be lowered with good lighting. Security will be improved and storage added. A new heating system will keep us all toasty warm when we are running around in our nothings, and you will not recognise the planned spacious new toilets. Work will be carried out by professionals for speed, but help will be required with clearing and finishing.

Outside, the builders will be attending to the exterior finishes of the Millgate. Our sandstone cladding is wearing away, our railings are rusted and paintwork peeling. This maintenance work will be carried out by experts and will necessitate the use of scaffolding, but a good clean up will be needed by our membership team when we get to the end. At this point we hope to complete the exterior signage to the building, and people will at last know, who we are and what is on at the MAC.

Whilst the builders are busy, we hope to bring together a group of members to decorate the bar lounge. The brown wall fabric will be stripped off, the plaster will probably fall off! After making good the walls, we will decorate the walls with something suitable as a background for the display of artwork.

In September we will hold an Open Day. We will open the doors to the public, show off our new look, engage with possible new members, advertise our new season, and enjoy our handiwork.

Edwina Rigby, Jun 17, 2016